F3 is a student-led interdisciplinary community in the Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership for those interested in pursuing research-based careers. The purpose of this scholarly community is to help members build their identities as scholars and accumulate experiences and artifacts necessary to be competitive for academic positions or research-based careers.

Who should participate? Educational Foundations & Leadership (CCL, EPPE, PK-12EL, HIED) graduate students from any program with (a) the motivation to develop their research skills and (b) a desire to work with and learn from fellow graduate students and faculty. The program is primarily designed for Ph.D. students, but Master’s students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. are welcome to participate.

Levels of F3 participation:

Level One: F3 Colleagues

Colleagues can participate in F3 by coming to meetings, viewing project presentations, and engaging with the F3 community.  

F3 Colleagues must complete an interest form that includes contact and program information.

Level Two: F3 Fellows

Fellows apply to participate in F3 for one full academic year. Up to six fellows will be selected each year. If accepted, Fellows commit to design and implement a scholarly research project.  Research projects can include literature reviews, secondary data analysis projects, pilot studies, or full research studies, whichever is appropriate to the student’s experience and stage in their graduate program. Projects may be presented to faculty and colleagues at the end of the academic year. Each Fellow must have a faculty sponsor (may be your advisor or other ODU faculty with mutual interests) and are strongly encouraged to submit their research project for a conference proposal to a regional or national conference or a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal as the lead author (or possibly second author for publication) as part of their fellowship. Fellows will be required to present at the EFL Graduate Research Colloquium the following year.   

The F3 Fellows will complete an online application that includes contact and program information along with:

  • A brief career goal summary (no more than 250 words)
  • Faculty sponsor name
  • Project description including the project aim and importance, a projected timeline (including plan to submit conference proposal and/or manuscript for publication),  and a plan for using the research stipend (no more than 500 words)

Interested in becoming a Fellow? Go to the Join F3 tab!

Interested in becoming a Colleague? Contact us at f3@odu.edu and check our the Community: Current Members tab!