A cybersecurity analyst job’s relation to social behaviors

In this video, Nicole describes what a cybersecurity analyst is.  Within this, she either mentions or refers to a few different social themes.  One of these is awareness; as a cybersecurity analyst, one would “be providing guidance and training for user awareness” (Enesse 2021).  Also, this includes being aware of the latest cyber threats, as well as having an understanding of the social engineering techniques that attackers use.  Another point made in the video is how an analyst must be able to communicate effectively.  For example, one might be responsible for assisting in the remediation of system vulnerabilities.  It also helps to be able to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences.  Another social theme that she refers to is collaboration; this occurs when she talks about networking with people.  This skill helps not just in the process of becoming a cybersecurity analyst, but also within the job itself, as one would typically work as part of a team within an organization’s IT department.  There was also something she said while discussing salaries about how difficult it can be to get a government security clearance.  This reminds me of another social theme, which is ethics.  Cybersecurity analysts have to act in the best interests of their organization, because they have to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.


Enesse, Nicole. “What Does a Cybersecurity Analyst Do? Salaries, Skills & Job Outlook.” YouTube, YouTube, 7 May 2021, www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYtmuHbhmS0.

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