Illegal Internet Activities

This blog post is about illegal activities on the Internet.  The author describes them as things that are “quite common, but may lead to unwanted consequences” (Slynchuk, 2021).  The top 5 activities that it discusses includes using unofficial streaming services, torrent services, copyrighted images, sharing personal information, and cyberbullying.  Unofficial streaming services essentially include any videos that would normally not be free if it weren’t for it being leaked onto the Internet.  This is due to the fact that it is considered to be a copyright violation.  Torrent services are similar, but they’re basically a different way to obtain pirated copies of media.  Copyrighted images are also commonly overlooked, but they do require “due permission, payment, or attribution” in order to use them for either commercial or personal use (Slynchuk, 2021).  The only exception to this is if the images were obtained from the public domain rather than directly from an owner.  Personal information includes sharing passwords, addresses, and photos of other people without their permission.  This is especially true if a picture is taken on private property, and then posted without consent from the property owner.  Cyberbullying is sadly becoming increasingly common.  Luckily, it’s true that more online services now have the authority to report these incidents.  This is normally treated as a civil matter, but it could also potentially result in criminal charges depending on the situation.


Slynchuk, A. (2021, June 1). 11 Illegal Things You Unknowingly Do on the Internet. Clario.

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