Journal Entry #14

  1. Faking Your Identity Online

Online identity fraud is looked down upon due to its negative effects on trust, potential for fraud and scams, invasion of privacy, encouragement of cyberbullying, potential legal consequences, security problems, and compromised responsibility. In order to preserve a secure and reliable online community, it is critical to encourage good conduct and responsible internet use.

2. Using Copyrighted Images

Unauthorized use of copyrighted photos strips creators of just salary for their labor. Through licensing agreements, artists can profit from the usage of their work and sustain their ongoing artistic pursuits. Before utilizing any photographs that are protected by copyright, it is crucial that you abide with copyright laws and secure the required licenses or permissions.

3. Bullying and Trolling

Online harassment and intimidation have the potential to harm a person’s or an organization’s reputation. Rumors, false facts, and hurtful remarks have the potential to spread quickly and have a lasting negative impact on someone’s personal or professional life.

4. Illegal Searches on the Internet

Security risks might arise from unauthorized access to some types of information, such as medical or financial records. It makes identity theft, fraud, and other criminal conduct more likely.Respecting the law and morality when accessing and using information on the internet is crucial to averting these unfavorable outcomes. Fostering a safe and reliable digital environment requires respect for privacy, adherence to rules and laws, and responsible technology use.

5. Using Unofficial Streaming Services

Using unauthorized streaming services adds to the issue of piracy, which negatively impacts the creative industries on a wide range of fronts. The incentives for creators to invest in new initiatives and produce high-quality material are undermined by piracy. It is often discouraged to use unofficial streaming services because of the ethical, legal, and financial ramifications. Choosing reputable, licensed streaming providers helps the industry and creators alike while also guaranteeing an improved entertainment experience.

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