This is the website of the ODU Herbarium, a curated collection of primarily vascular plants for use in teaching, research, and outreach. Major emphasis is placed on species of the Atlantic Coastal Plain, including the Dismal Swamp and the Blackwater Ecologic Preserve. The ODU herbarium represents the regional flora and is consulted by the Natural Heritage Program of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We have active loan and exchange programs with other herbaria in the U.S. and the world. Among the strengths of the collection are parasitic angiosperms and quillworts. The research collection contains approximately 25,000 mounted specimens, and a smaller teaching collection has approximately 1,000 specimens. The digital collection can be accessed through SERNEC, iDigBio, and the GBIF.  

The herbarium is registered with Index Herbariorum, and we provide and receive loans of specimens for scientific study. Please contact the curator for additional information about our loan policy. Most specimens can be searched through the resources listed above.  

Digitization of the ODU Herbarium is funded by NSF DBI-1802342