Virginia Solar Pathways Project

The ultimate goal for the Virginia Solar Pathways Project (VSPP) is to develop a collaborative utility-administered solar strategy for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The process will (i) integrate existing solar programs with new options appropriate for Virginia policy environment and broader economic development objectives; (ii) promote wider deployment of solar within a low rate environment; and (iii) serve as a replicable model for use by other states with similar policy environments, including but not limited to the entire Southeast region.

The Project will engage a Core Advisory Team made up of a diverse group of stakeholders. The Core Advisory Team will consist of a state government agency, an environmental organization, local community representatives, research and educational institutions, and a solar installation company. In addition to the Core Advisory Team, Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) envisions providing additional opportunities to receive input from and share information on Project accomplishments with other interested stakeholders. For example, the Commonwealth recently announced the creation of a Solar Energy Development Authority (SEDA). To the extent possible, the Project will collaborate with and provide information to the SEDA once it is established.

Distributed Generation Operational Capabilities Study

Photovoltaic Integration

Purpose: This work will focus on increasing solar installations while maintaining system reliability, safety and cost effective operation. The goal should be to proactively plan in a way that avoids the pitfalls of others that may have added too many variable energy resources (VERs) too fast without sufficient preplanning.

Utility Administered Solar Economic Study

Purpose: Economic study of utility-administered deployment of solar, inclusive of an evaluation of tax policy and opportunities for reducing soft costs. Identification of areas to reduce soft costs of utility-administered solar deployment. Impact of tax policy on large scale and distributed solar deployment, inclusive of tax normalization impacts on utility scale development.

Community Shared Solar

To conduct a study on community solar programs in order to discover insights into 1) existing utility program designs and performances, and 2) the experiences of customers in existing community solar and rooftop solar programs.  This work is intended to inform Dominion’s development of a community solar program, helping to ensure that Dominion’s proposed program benefits from the lessons learned of others.