This semester the writing I have done was some of my best work personally. Coming into this course I was nervous that I would not do well and that I would have no idea what to write about. I was surprised with all the different topics we got to write about because it helped me think harder, do research, and add my own personal spin on my papers. I take pride in all my writing because I am profoundly serious about my work. I made sure I went over my paper multiple times, read it to others, and I got peer review feedback, which was great. I made sure my paper had everything my professor wanted in it, I made sure it was clear to understand, and I tried to give enough details to try and connect with my audience. All the papers we had to write, I only had to revise two for minor changes. My professor said that my papers were good, and I just had to go into deeper detail with my rhetorical analysis paper so the audience can fully understand what the topic was about. The second revision was for my call-to-action paper, and I just had to fix my citations and with the help from my professor I now understand how to use them properly. My attitude towards my writing has gotten better as the semester went on because I knew I was a good writer but being able to keep up with this course with little to no errors made me enjoy writing more. Seeing my progress grow made me want to keep learning and growing my writing skills. Seeing my grades kept me motivated because I wanted to keep up the splendid work I was doing. I always wanted to outdo myself on each writing assignment to demonstrate that I have learned from my previous errors. I also enjoyed having this course because it has helped me author better papers in my other courses. I learned how to use the APA and MLA format properly and what needed to be in each format. It has also taught me to add more details in my paper so that my readers can paint a picture in their mind. I have taken away a lot of knowledge from this course to help me excel in other classes outside of 110C. The next step I will be taking to develop my writing skills will be taking part two of this course. I know the work would be more challenging and a heavier workload, but I know it will only make me a better writer in the end. I feel that part two of this course will further develop me as a better writer and for more people to see my writing potential. I am glad to consider myself a writer because I can connect with many people on many diverse levels with my writing. I can write what people are thinking but cannot put into words themselves.