My name is Andrew Duffy, and I am currently a Freshman at Old Dominion University. This is my first semester in college, and as I’m adapting, I’m also learning. Specifically, I am learning how write like a college student. While this transition has been smooth so far, there are a few bumps here and there that I have to take care of in order to improve.

This portfolio is about my entrance into the college life. No better way to showcase that than in front of my fellow students. I’m majoring in a scientific field, so I like to focus more on attention to facts more than anything. Going from one setting to another can be intimidating, but through this writing, I can help demonstrate my smooth, but bumpy ride through the beginning of college. My writing, while good in most areas, lacks in others, which can be a huge difference maker. I hope that my improvement is apparent in my portfolio, and display that despite a change in tune, pure tone will shine through.

I hope to improve as a writer so that I can prove that I am able to be both a flexible and collaborative writer. This portfolio is a way for me to express how far I’ve come so far in my first year in college. It is not perfect, and it is not the best I have ever written, but it does show progress, which is important for an academic writer in the beginning. The message to all is that even if you do not believe you are a good writer in every faucet, there are different genres that you may excel at.