The Human Factor Write-Up

Balancing Trade-Off

The human factors of cybersecurity, being how people interact with and effect cybersecurity
(potentially causing errors), creates a weak point in any company’s security and opens them up to
potential breaches (Human Factors 2023). On one side of cybersecurity people use instances of breeches
and issues to come up with solutions and protocols to mitigate those. On the other hand people with
similar knowledge of cybersecurity can also use it negatively and in criminal ways which are traditional
crimes, white-collar crimes, international crimes and more (Payne 2018). In cybersecurity, knowing
what specific attack risks your company has a more likely chance of experiencing would greatly help in
your defenses in mitigating the damage of these attacks or even preventing them, “…know the attacker to
protect yourself effectively” (Human Factors 2023).

Allocating Funds

Based on the reading on examining patterns and characteristics of cybercrimes, in the U.S the
highest amount of cybercrime comes from hacking attacks and fraud (Payne 2018). I would ensure
that a large amount of training goes towards mitigating those higher crimes, especially ones that are more
likely for certain types of companies, but also maintaining the standard training for all possible
cybercrimes. Assessing where breaches or system weaknesses due to human factors have happened in the
past and determining where the issue occurred would be the most efficient way to learn what needs to be
included in the standard training. The limited funds of the budget should be divided by training expenses,
equipment updates (both hardware and software), any other necessary services or resources, any funds
necessary for everyday work and a ‘rainy day’ fund in the case of any breaches or incidents.


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