NICE & The Workforce

Choosing to be a pen tester or cryptographer consists of critical thinking to see what is going on within the network or networks. Some areas that may be suitable and that I would want to focus on with these careers are analyzing, investigating, collecting, and operating. I can also see a bit of protection and defense. Cryptography encounters encrypting or cracking codes, which this career takes good analyzing. One, this involves thinking to see which method would work best to decrypt a message. Two, to see which language to use. The same goes for pen testing; it can go both ways as being a red team or blue team teammate. With investigating, I would have to notice the smallest things within the network and if everything is still intact. Collect and operate is important because it’ll be needed to see what method worked or what needs to be updated. Last but not least, both careers have to protect and defend the networks from hackers.

With overseeing and governing, I can’t see myself in that area. It requires responsibility to keep up with everyone and everything. Even in critical situations or attacks, at that moment, you have to assign right on the spot. Another area is operating and maintenance,  it’s almost the same as the previous area, except everything has to run proficiently for the devices to work or come up with solutions for it to be stable. These two mainly involve responsibility and I have to learn everything to keep the network and company running and protected. 

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