The Media and Cybersecurity

Hollywood movies that are cyber-based often depict hacking as a cool aesthetic; however, the actions of the hackers seem to give the audience a misinterpretation of what hacking or cybersecurity actually is. Of course for the majority of the audience, we wouldn’t know what command or what device is real in cyber-based movies. This is just for entertainment purposes only. In the real world of hacking and cybersecurity, some of the devices or terminology that were used in the movies don’t exist; however, some of the processes that are done on them are. As seen in one of the movie clips of Trinity, Keren, a professional hacker, reviewed the clip and said that the SSH Nuke was a real command in hacking. The character in the movie successfully exploited the network but she had to reset the password to get in. Although the character successfully exploited and gained access to the network, Keren found it weird how the character had to put in a password after she gained access to the whole network. She stated that after successfully exploiting a network, you should have complete access to whatever that’s in the network. 

In continuation, password cracking in cyber-based movies seems to be a common theme, and it doesn’t take whoever is the hacker long to crack the code. In reality, it takes a hacker a couple of attempts to break in and steal a person’s information. Although these practices of hacking are fictitious in these movies or TV shows, these attacks can happen in real life. In the media, these cause a lot of fear within the public. Or this can encourage more cyber threats due to the inspiration from the movies. Adults or kids can learn how to get into systems just by learning through these movies or shows.  As a cybersecurity student myself, I thought cybersecurity was just going to involve a bunch of hacking, which it does, but once I started taking courses there was more to it. 

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