Social Cybersecurity

In the world today, there‚Äôs information warfare going on between numerous countries around the globe to promote propaganda, more division, and opposing views against countries that are peaceful. However, with the help of social cybersecurity, this would provide a better understanding of information and strategies to prevent further disinformation or misinformation in the media. Social cybersecurity is an emerging domain in national security and a field that combines both social science and cybersecurity. This subdomain uses computational social science techniques to identify, counter, and measure the impact of communication objectives. This also includes seven research areas such as social cyber forensics, information maneuvers, motive identification, diffusion, information campaigns, mitigation, and governance. All of these can help professionals understand what needs to be implemented. 

In the article, it states that Russia is currently about to wage an information blitzkrieg which is the biggest information warfare attack in history professionals have ever seen. In Russia, their methods in information warfare is using propaganda to spread disinformation among the media to change the perceptions of the public to manipulate them or stir fear into them. In other countries, this caused shock, and this movement of public perception was studied by multiple researchers. Later on in the article, researchers have came up with strategies to help combat future information warfare attacks by using social cybersecurity. 

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