About Me

A little bit about myself: I’m an Instructor of English at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. Within my awesome department, I teach composition courses such as Critical Literacy, Composition I and II, as well as British Literature I and Introduction to English Studies. This semester brought a new class I’m currently co-teaching with Dr. Meredith Rowe (Biology) called “Annihilation: Reality and Expectations.” The course focuses on Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation (2014), where we chat about issues of identity, gender, and the environment to brainstorm innovative solutions to real-world problems.

I’m also a PhD student at Old Dominion University, with concentrations in Literary and Cultural Studies and Rhetoric, Writing, and Discourse Studies. My primary area of scholarship is in late 19th century British Literature, where I focus on gendered anxieties, issues of temporality, materiality, and digitization. I’ve recently found myself drawn to quite a few queer theorists and am looking forward to incorporating these aspects into my research.

What do I want out of my research? Ideally, I’d like my scholarship to participate in conversations building off the ideas of brilliant scholars like Audre Lorde, Julia Kristeva, Nancy Armstrong, Judith Butler, Donna Harroway, and Simone de Beauvoir about how texts, gender, sexuality, technology, and temporality often work together to shape and complicate our understanding of the past – and present –  in significant and meaningful ways. On a more pragmatic level, I hope my studies will grow to reveal real-world opportunities to create a more socially-just world.