Welcome to the tick lab!

Dr. Gaff runs the main field ecology lab for the ODU Tick Research Team. Over a decade of field surveillance has given us the opportunity to observe patterns of tick activity that are unique to our region. We collect ticks by flagging 12 field sites on a regular basis throughout the year. During the active tick season we collect from additional sites based on our current research projects and goals. In addition, students in the lab work to design field experiments to investigate the ecological factors that contribute to behavior and survival in different species of ticks. Our indoor work combines these field studies with molecular techniques and mathematical modeling to understand more about ticks and tick-borne diseases in southeastern Virginia and beyond.

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Check out our informational brochure on ticks and tick-borne diseases in Hampton Roads. Learn how to protect yourself from ticks, proper tick removal techniques, common pathogens and the ticks they are associated with, and more!

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