Journal Entry #11

Because cybersecurity analysts must comprehend both the technological components of cybersecurity and the human variables that contribute to cyber risks, their work is closely associated with social behaviors. The job of cybersecurity analysts is to look for trends in behavior, both inside and outside of companies, in order to spot possible weak points and predict online dangers. Many societal themes become apparent in this setting. Understanding the psychology of cybercriminals and making predictions about their conduct based on social cues is one such issue. Human error and the consequences of individual acts such as inadvertently revealing sensitive information or clicking on dangerous links that are impacted by societal norms and habits constitute another issue. Furthermore, the increasing frequency of social engineering assaults, in which cybercriminals deceive people , this video demonstrates the importance of social behaviors in the field of cybersecurity using psychological techniques. Cybersecurity analysts can establish more effective strategies to reduce risks, improve user awareness, and create a safer digital environment for both individuals and enterprises by identifying and addressing these social issues.

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