What I hope to gain out of the 23 Things programme

I am the ePortfolio Support Coordinator at Old Dominion University, so I work with WordPress and other platforms all the time. I am not much of a blogger though. I wanted to do something that matched my interests, where I might learn some new tips, while also being forced to practice blogging. I’d like to get more comfortable with it and make it more of a habit.

What I think of ODU’s guidelines/handbook for Social Media

Since I’ve managed the social media accounts for a couple different entities on my campus, I was aware of some of the policies, but not all of them. I had stumbled upon some of the guidelines when looking for png images of the school’s logo. I don’t really like that we have to hand over the creation of any profile images to University Web Communications. They look so boring! In exploring the site more, I found a specific page for official ODU hashtags which I plan to look into and possibly register some for our #ODUeP.