Complex System Governance

CSG has been previously defined as the “design, execution, and evolution of the metasystem functions necessary to provide control, communication, coordination, and integration of a complex system” (Keating et al., 2014, p.274). NCSOSE.

NCSOSE’s interest in CSG stems from the recognition that problem domain currently faced by society beacons for novelty in developing new thinking and corresponding action. The reality of this problem domain is challenging and marked by increasing ambiguity, complexity, emergence, interdependencies, and uncertainty. CSG is an emerging field at the intersection of systems and governance with the potential to enhance capability for more effectively dealing with complex systems and their constituent problems. A great deal of efforts has been dedicated to the foundations (base of the pyramid), NCSOSE and its researchers are now moving to perspectives and applications, and developing of technologies (i.e., methods, tools, and techniques) supporting CSG.

Research interests in CSG include:

  • Methodological approach to governance in different systems
  • Development of frameworks, models, method, tools and techniques for governance