Making The Connection: Tony Breslin

Making the connection with Tony was not brutally difficult, but it was not easy either. While Tony and I were familiar with one another from school back at UMass Dartmouth, we’d had an up and down history. I was a bit surprised when Tony reached out randomly in Spring 2022, telling me of a new job (and life) he’d found in Las Vegas. Later that summer I was invited to spend the day with his friends and family at his house in Hanover, Massachusetts.

Feeling appreciative of his summer gesture, I decided to reach out to Tony around Christmas, supplying him with my new phone number and wishing him a happy holiday. I wanted to stay in touch with someone I thought to be talented (and had a shared liking for human behavior).

Tony works as a betting-line analyst / sports trader for Huddle Tech, a recently formed merger between Huddle Gaming and Deck Prizm Sports (Tony’s original employer). Tony has worked this position for almost 2 years, gaining valuable experience within sports analytics. Utilizing upwards of 25 computers/workstations, Huddle Tech supplies automated line-movement data and projections to internet gaming operators in various countries and regions. These companies include GoGo, Circa, Pinnacle. 

Tony’s favorite activity at work is teaming up with coworkers to make money tracking sports news and events. It’s as simple as that. Tony has literally (and figuratively) found something along the lines of a dream job. While opinions in the trading room can vary, Tony considers the working environment to be open minded and cutting edge. 

Tony describes the combination of news and reaction speed as critical factors in determining line movements. When an athlete is abruptly sat down with injury his team must “freeze the line!”. Sharps, rounds, recs alike chomp at the bit to take down the sportsbooks Huddle Tech supplies. Split-up staff are responsible for one sport or the other (i.e. varying markets). Tony began within the overnight shift working late evening and early morning lines both pre-game and live. Now Tony works the day shift. 

I have to be honest: building upon this relationship with Tony is important to me. Before the “ups and downs”, we were very good friends. I often miss the connection we had our freshman year, before our lives isolated. On top of that, Tony works in a space that is highly attractive to myself. And also—perhaps he’s someone that’s seen the potential in my own abilities.     

Tony’s favorite activity outside of work is making bets himself at sportsbooks within the legal domain. Additionally, Tony is not afraid of the black jack machine at the tavern that comes with free drinks and half-off food. His favorite spot back in Hanover is West Hanover Pizza, where he orders the buffalo chicken calzone. One of his favorite kinds of bets is taking live 4th quarter unders.

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