Blog Prompt #2: NIL Proposal

Player Name: Faizon Fields, Sport: Basketball, Position: Forward , Major: Leadership, Class: Sophomore, Brand: FaZe Clan

Faizon Fields can team with Faze Clan (Los Angeles, CA) to promote a student-athlete “leadership” scholarship for college gamers in need of support and access. There is a lack of monetization of college and professional Esports that inhibits funding/investment for students aspiring to pursue the Esports industry. There is also the lingering notion that gaming is not a real sport or cannot be perceived as such. This idea often leads to the dismissal of gaming instead of embracement for what it can be. 

Field’s name and area of study is compatible with this project. Field’s name fits seamlessly into Faze Clan’s catalog of associates. It is catchy and memorable, presenting room for a productive partnership. 

Additionally, Faizon’s experience in high school and college athletics makes him an ideal proponent of the scholarship. His affiliation with the second most popular college sport in America creates a cross promotional opportunity that Faze Clan needs and can leverage. 

Field’s can document his transfer portal status to generate views and following on TikTok. He can include montages, gym highlights, campus pictures, and stops at local attractions. 

Over the course of 3 months, Fields can conduct three 1 hour live streams with Faze Clan member(s) and one or more additional student athletes. They can promote the Faze Clan Leadership Scholarship fund, addressing how it helps student gamers that aspire to be leaders. Participants can also discuss how they would like to see esports evolve next to education and traditional athletics. Viewers can comment with ideas and questions and will have a direct link to the donation website. 

Faze Clan can provide viewers extra incentive for donation to the scholarship fund, such as a free Twitch subscription. They can also agree to match the donation goal.

The 3 months following, Fields can continue to build his brand through TikTok, providing leadership advocacy, career path education, and documenting his basketball adventures. Faze Clan can connect Faizon with the other student-athlete spokespersons for content collaboration.

After the first scholarship recipients are announced, a plan to continue the partnership into 2024 can be considered. Faizon’s role can be extended into an ambassadorship for gamers within his locality. 

This project would create a sustainable synergy between Esports and traditional sports built on fundamental principles like leadership by example and belief in education. It would help dissolve communication barriers between gaming, creative content, and leadership, making Esports challenges more solvable. It would dispel assumptions of gaming as a non-sport, waste of time. It would also create valuable opportunities for Fields, Faze Clan, and the scholarship recipients.

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