Sport Professional Penpal: The Quest

Discussions with Tony have led me to constructing a career path visual. These are steps to enhance my job candidacy and piece together opportunities in the sports gaming field. My experience and research in sports gaming/gambling has provided me with confidence to seriously consider the industry as a career opportunity. With recent insight and clarity from Tony, I’m even more sure there is value I can provide as a professional in the industry.

A central challenge to the below strategy is the natural deduction of time available for other skill adaptions not illustrated in the plan. The learning of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (skills suited for digital marketing) would have to be sacrificed in order to better calibrate my skillset to the responsibilities shown in the job examples.

On the other hand, my extended years of experience in competitive sports, as well as my intrinsic enthusiasm for sport (and sports gaming), provides me with a significant edge in recruitment.


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