Social Media Persona: @atlsportscredit

@atlsportscredit stems from a journeyman creator’s unbridled association with Atlanta sports fandom. Over a decade ago, the account’s owner was live tweeting regular season let downs, wild card collapses, and playoff catastrophes. This account respects the undeniable legends of Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Zaza Pachulia. It remembers Mo Evans, Patrick Kerney, and The Upton Brothers.

This sports media persona represents the full circle connection of a young man that believed in his team, and believed in himself. @atlsportscredit is about exposing the seriousness of Atlanta sports fans and the potency of the Atlanta sports market.

@atlsportscredit offers energy, curiosity, and insight through use of various forms of digital media (video, pdf, png, etc). This persona targets Atlanta sports, its associate rivals, and general sports fans. Its interest is in niche conversational topics that branch out to larger mainstream segments.

@atlsportscredit aims to grow viewership and following through organic engagement as well as ad campaigning. Quality video, graphics, as well as short columns will be leveraged to drive traffic. Comments will be posted regularly (not over saturating). Retweets will be used strategically, frugally. The account will focus on Twitter and TikTok.

Key Page Attributes

Conversation starter, Niche Information Provider, Content Organizer, Content Creator

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