Blog Prompt #4: Promoting ODU ESports

What We Did

Bryce, Brian and I gauged the ODU Esports internal temperature, diagnosed its general ailments, and delivered calculated, feasible strategies it can implement to improve the program’s outlook. In order to accomplish this, we interviewed various ESports team members, envisioning ourselves in their circumstances. 

Conceiving of a promotional event for Monarch Esports meant combining elements of what makes Esports fun (as well as constructive) and making them presentable as well as tangible for competitive gaming enthusiasts at ODU. 

In terms of our slide presentations, we focused on making them clear and organized. In the end, we were able to consolidate our strengths as a group into a working system.

What I Learned

Our group learned we are extremely capable if we organize, communicate, and initiate. The project illustrated to me how quickly things can move along with active and open communication, as well as positivity. I grew a stronger understanding of college Esports and Esports in general and gained hands-on experience interacting with members of the sport. I received advice from teammates on how to perform convenient creative tasks, was also able to spend some time absorbing the learning styles and personalities of marketing/communications professionals. 

What I felt 

My classmates and I were able to engage in a real life orchestration of collaboration, invention, and execution. The campaign contained a surreal sense in that it had the potential to have a real ripple effect on the Esports program. I was glad to be seriously considered by the staff at ODU Esports. It was a thrill and relief to participate in this kind of exercise where we could put our skills into action.

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