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Tick testing

If you want/need a tick tested…please feel free to contact us for any additional details

ODU Tick Research Team

The Old Dominion Tick Lab is a continuation of a tick surveillance study of the Hampton Roads Area, led by Dr. Holly Gaff, Dr. Wayne Hynes, Dr. Eric Walters, and Dr. Dave Gauthier. Through their guidance and passion for research a multitude of fieldwork, labwork, and data analysis is completed daily. There are always more questions to be asked with our on-going data collection, therefore the research continues!

Our goal is increase awareness of the public and medical and veterinary professionals to ticks and tick-borne pathogens (bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause disease). By increasing awareness of these agents we hope to reduce the chances of infection. We seek information on what ticks are where and what pathogens they are carrying. This will allow us to provide important public health information on the risk of tick associated diseases, particularly in Virginia.