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Social Conformity - Langmaid Practice

In the last chapter something that really interested me was conformity because it talks about the way how people form into society. Conformity is the pressure of society and that’s why I’ve been interested in nonconformity as well because it talks about how people can form outside of normal society in their own little groups or cliques. Nothing is wrong with conformity because it is the normal way of society.

The reason I chose this picture is because I feel like it shows a good example of conformity because it shows the same people. When I say the same people I mean they’re dressed the same and organized in their work as people would be in society. I got this picture from a langmaid practice site where they were using this picture to show social conformity as well.

ATA3: Proximity

In the last chapter something that intrigued me a lot was proximity. I’ve always been intrigued in the idea of it but never quite knew the right term for it and I couldn’t define it. Proximity always interested me because originally I thought it was going off the distance to keep people together but its like how close you are to the person physically in a sense. This can also go off the probability that those people who made initial contact will continue to meet repeatedly and be attracted to one another. It also says in the book that it depend how interact and acquire more information about them.

The reason why I selected this image is because I feel like this shows how proximity can very important. I say this because there are thing that also play a part in this which is physical attraction to the person. You cant just make someone like you from being around them, their feelings have to be genuine. In addition to that the people must find out that they are similar in some way or they would be no real attraction I think.

ATA2: Potraits

Introspection (Observation of one's own mental and emotional processes) –  University Industry Interface Cell

In the last chapter before the test, I learned a lot about the idea of introspective view of oneself observer perspective, and how to gain self-insight. I say that introspection can play a big part in these because it can be misleading and still somehow not deceptive as well, I say this because you can never be too sure what to go off of for people’s emotions and most people in this day and age don’t know themselves honestly.

The reason I chose this picture from AKTU University it really shows introspection because it shows someone looking into themselves through a mirror. I like this because it is viewed as if you are looking into yourself through someone else’s eyes to understand yourself. I feel like I relate this topic because i look into myself a lot because I try to work on my self esteem along with self control.

ATA1: Representativeness heuristic

Representative heuristics go off resemblance basically saying that it’s sort of like a judgment to if there is anything in common between them. In the book it says that people carry automatic responses, people use this automatic response to their representative heuristics by looks. Although people go off looks, this may be the group’s prototype, basically which is the more likely that person will be seen as belonging to the group, so personally, I think that means you would assume these people are together which could lead to erroneous decisions and that can also happen when base rates are ignored.
The reason I chose this picture is that it shows an example of representative heuristics, it shows how people would use this picture to go off each person’s looks to see if they look like a designer. In reality, all of them could be designers but we don’t know just based on looks, that’s why it shows up as an automatic response to some people.