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Ep Blog 10

Before I started this course I didn’t know what I would gain from it but I was excited because I could be social. Going back to my first blog post and scrolling through them all makes me see how much I’ve changed my blogs and learned over this semester. Based off the syllabus I think I completed most of the course objectives and learned them well. If there was one thing I wish I could change if I retook the course would be how I took notes at first because I wasn’t really maintaining the material at first until I realized I liked the class. I chose this picture as well because I feel like this is a accurate picture how my intelligence has grown and mindset. I got this photo from the medium post site.

Academic growth. Academic growth is the measure of… | by The Social Comment  | Medium

Ep Blog 9

Taking notes in class: 8 steps to rock college | Spike
I learned a lot of things from this course but the top 3 things that I learned so far have to be social perception, social influence and attitude. I say these three because I took this class to be more aware of my social presence and to become better at understanding people so I feel like those three particular topics helped me learn the most. First I chose social perception because I want to know mainly how I’m perceived by people. Next I chose influence and attitude cause I wanted to understand the impact that people left on each other in different ways the most. I also chose this picture because the study method that I use for this class is just copying down notes or notecards.

EP Blog 8

Ways to Properly Express Anger at Your Man - Essence
I think the topics in mating article are correct. They went into research with it and everything but there are some contradictions I have because I feel like people are very different with how they love. I chose this image because I feel like there a few different ways how a woman might make a man angry because it normal in relationships for partners to but heads. Speaking from prior relationships for myself I like the quickest way to make a man angry is getting in his face or yelling in his face which is why I chose this picture. I got this image from google.

EP Blog 7

Self regulation and emotional intelligence are connected because they play hand in hand. I say this because you use your emotional intelligence to regulate your self. To me emotional intelligence means sorta like an IQ or how you can manage your emotion by yourself. The picture above is from a EQ and those are my results and these are all scored out of ten. The thing I think I need to work on most is relationship management because I have never really been in one so I don’t know much about them.

EP Blog 6

These ads show disrespect to women in a few ways just like they were shown in the video. One of the ads shows how it wants women to stay pretty close to their innocence and another talks about how the shape of the body should be. the other ads are just disrespectful altogether with their representation of women.

EP Blog 5

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Picture A represents a credible source because it is trustworthy news source and provides accurate information. Picture B represents an attractive source because it entices women to look at the cover and gives men an ideal look for how they should want to mold their bodies. Lastly picture C represents a non credible source because it shows comedy central which has comedy shows and not really any reliable sources on there. I think the attractive source is effective because it does influence men to read that magazine for their health.

Ep Blog 4

Top 10 tips on how to study smarter, not longer | Science News for Students
For the test I ended up getting a 92 so I only ended up getting 4 wrong. On the test to review for the answers that I missed I wrote them down then reviewed the answers on paper so I could learn then. For the test I reviewed by augmenting the notes every chapter. Overall I feel like my study tactics worked best for myself.

Ep Blog 3

Meet Maryland Crooner Brent Faiyaz In The Autumn Issue | Wonderland

I feel like music does help strengthen the bonds between people because when I first I moved in at ODU with my roommates we all listened to music to get along better and learn about each other through our music taste. A song that makes me outlook on life is Heaven all around me by Saba because I feel blessed a lot. Next a song that reminds me of my dad is lion king on ice because of how wise he is. After that a song that reminds me of my mom is happy by Pharrell because she makes me happy. Then after that, a song that reminds me of my girlfriend is just like a star by Corinne bailey Rae because she’s like a star to me. in addition to that a song that reminds me of my friend Xavier is come through and chill cause we always chill together. Lastly, a song that reminds my ex is missing out Brent Faiyaz because she’s missing out on being with me now cause I’m winning.

Ep Blog1

Wake Up This Can't Be the New Status Quo | Libertarian Meme on ME.ME

I chose this meme for status quo heuristic because it make me think about how we people are biased to avoid risk even when risks are less then from making no change. By that I mean it makes us feel like alternatives are interior.