Top Artifacts

Artifact 3: My favorite item to archive this time around was probably module 14. This one was my favorite because I like the type of archives where you have to do a scale and this scale had to do with ourselves. I averaged 4.75 and I think that’s pretty good for me. It even says “College students tend to score lower (averaging a bit below 5) than working adults and older, retired people (who average 5.6).” So I think my happiness is normal for someone my age.

I don’t think the results from the study are 100 percent accurate but it still was accurate on what my result was. In addition to the last archive I feel like cultural influences and expectations do run a lot of peoples life. The reason why I say this is because people try to live like other people around them but then are just trying to live by other people expectations. The reason why I chose this image is because to me this brings me happiness and generally sunsets make most people happy.

Sunset color science: why the coldest months of the year produce the best  sunsets - Vox

Artifact 2: My favorite item to archive was probably module 8 archive. I like this one because the task has you match the stereotypes to what people would say about the type of people. I like this one because it give a very real look on what people what say about others based on their race. It also talked about how the black stereotype keeps changing almost like people keep on refreshing it so they can be accurate when they are mocking black people. Lately is has been getting positive and I learned from this archived item I learned that these stereotypes are getting made less because of how positive African Americans reach on society is. 

The reason I chose this image is because this image shows different types of people that can be stereotyped by their appearance. I also feel like lots of stereotypes are changing cause of different groups positions in society and how they teach each other new things. Although things are more positive some of the same old stereotypes might not ever go away but will slowly fade more and more with time. I thought I would also include that my second favorite item to archive was also from module 7 because it was the attitude and behavior essay that showed me about myself even more.

Stereotypes measurably influence how we treat each other | Berkeley News