Hello! My name is Luiza Billiter. Since high school, I have always been fascinated with language, coming from a household that speaks two different languages. However, my true passion lies with publishing. Having an emphasis in Linguistics is just another stepping stone to boost me into working at a publishing firm.

‚ÄčAfter I graduate, I hope to get a job in copy-writing or copy-editing before going into publishing. Having taken many journalism-focused and editing classes, I realized that what I truly want to do is go into book publishing as an editor. Editing in any field is something I would consider, but publishing is my dream.

‚ÄčOutside of my academia, I am just your typical tired college kid. My interests range from video games to beauty/fashion to art. I love to cook and wish I had more time to do so. I hope to find more time in my schedule to be able to volunteer at Portsmouth Humane Society, as I love animals (especially the cats there; they’re so sweet!).