CIA Triad Write-Up

About The Triad

The CIA Triad an acronym for a model of policies used for data and information security. The acronym stands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The confidentiality section of the model represents keeping sensitive information secure, they do this by limiting the places the information appears. Integrity represents the accuracy of data, in some ways by preventing too many changes or deletions in a system. Availability represents how accessible the information is by maintaining the operating systems as well as having backups in the case of data loss. Overall, the triad is an essential guide for companies when it comes to protecting their clients and their own information.

Authorization vs. Authentication

The difference between authorization and authentication are that authorization is a verification of a user and who they are and authorization is the access and permissions to access a system. An example being that ODU uses the two-factor authentication where a user enters their password and then has to use a secondary device, of their own, to confirm they are logging in. For authorization teachers have access to different features on Canvas than students do because they have more authorization. Both are essential components of information security.

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