NIST Discussion

What benefit can organizations gain from using this framework, and how would you use it at your future workplace?

Because the NIST Framework is now the standard for cybersecurity risk management, it has been able to gather data and information of common issues and vulnerabilities in the systems and networks of the organizations that use it. Using the information of the practices to prevent vulnerabilities and outcomes that have happened across the industry and the critical infrastructure, businesses can navigate their issues in the most cost effective way, while also getting the best results and maintaining the integrity of their systems. They can use the Framework core to identify possible threats, protect information, detect data breeches, correctly respond to attacks, and recover lost data. Many of the cybersecurity jobs we were looking at in class required some type of government clearance, most likely because you will be working with the government. Because of that, I could imagine that my future workplace would use the NIST Framework to protect their clients information.

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