Data Breach Chronology

The Privacy Rights website provides a tool, called the Data Breach Chronology, with different numerical information through graphs and maps. This was designed to help advocates, policymakers, journalists, and researchers understand numerous data breaches within the U.S.  With this, researchers can explore different aspects of data breaches and how they impact corporations, businesses, or even individuals. On the tool, there are four categories which are: Key Insights Timeline, View by Category, View By State, and Search Breaches. With the timeline, researchers can go back to whatever year the breach they were researching happened. This feature also tells you what type of data breach it was and what type of organization it happened in. Not only the researcher can know about the year the attack happened, but they can also know where and what type it was. If researchers want to research something specifically about an attack, they can use View by Category and State and Search Breaches. These will provide information about the impacts of the different attacks that happened in the cities in the state. These categories can help researchers get a deeper and more detailed understanding of the data breaches that are happening in the U.S. 

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