Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The Hierarchy of Needs is a concept or theory by Maslow that explains that our actions are motivated by certain physiological and psychological needs that progress from basic to complex. This involves five levels of needs which are self-actualization, esteem needs, belongingness and love needs, safety needs, and physiological needs. How this relates to my technology experience is that I use my devices for different purposes every day. With the first level, self-actualization, I use drawing programs to showcase my talent as an artist. As for esteem needs, I like to watch outfit videos just to inspire me and that’ll help with my way of styling my clothes. With the third level, belongingness, and love needs, I use social media to connect with family and long-time friends. For safety needs, it’s essential for me to update my passwords and keep my devices locked. Last but not least, for physiological needs, I watch YouTube to rest from schoolwork.

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