Individual Motives & Cybersecurity

Reading from every aspect of individual motives, a few of them are trending today. The motives that drive the hackers are Entertainment, Political, Revenge, Boredom, Recognition, Money, and Multiple Reasons. The ones I believe should earn the number one rank are Political, Money, and  Multiple Reasons. These make the most sense out of the other motives. With politics, you’ll see this often on the news with leaks of confidential documents or hidden videos of political candidates doing or saying inappropriate things towards other people. Or misinformation about topics that candidates cover to ruin their reputation and integrity towards the public. With money, there are numerous ways that hackers can gain money. They can do this by faking emails or text messages regarding an unknown transaction from a bank account or getting into one of the stocks and gaining off the individuals. Hackers use this to buy or sell items on the internet or dark web. Lastly, hackers are just bored and have nothing to do so they just hack for no reason at all. Although there may be multiple reasons why hackers choose to do these actions, all of this narrows down to boredom. 

As for the other motives, some might get a different rating because of today’s cybercrime. Starting with Entertainment, I rate this a 6. This almost correlates with Multiple Reasons due to the boredom of hackers. They do these things just for pleasure and fun but you usually don’t hear or see these types of attacks that often in the news as much as the main ones. Besides gaining money, Recognition may be the next step for hackers if they decide to head for popularity. However, their fame would only last temporarily which I rate a 6 as well. With Boredom, it’s mostly common but this topic isn’t covered so this will be a 7. Last but not least,  Revenge can come in many different forms, but the one that has the most impact is online revenge. This can go from ex-employees leaking information about the business or a girlfriend exposing pictures of their ex or even revenge pornography. Although this is a problem, this rarely happens. This motive is a 7. 

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