Graduate Students

Students in three graduate programs at Old Dominion University are trained in the HaBiT Research Lab. This includes two doctoral programs and one master of science program. 

  • The Clinical Ph.D. program is offered as part of the Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology, which is an APA-accredited program and a collaborative effort between Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University. For more information:
  • The Health Psychology Ph.D. program is offered in the Psychology Department at Old Dominion University. This program provides broad training in psychological theory and basic behavioral science with a strong emphasis on health psychologyFor more information:
  • The Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychology program is offered as part of the Psychology Department at Old Dominion University. Students in the Psychology M.S. program are selected to work with a research mentor at ODU. This program is most appropriate for those hoping to continue on to a doctoral program. For more information:

Graduate students in the HaBiT Research Lab have the opportunity to design and carry out their own research studies, as well as being involved in ongoing research with other faculty and students in the lab. The goal of our graduate training is to develop clinical and research scientists who are able to produce and consume high-quality research in clinical health areas.

For questions regarding graduate admission for the upcoming year, please email Dr. Heron at