Graduate Students

Lindsay Howard, Ph.D.

Lindsay is an Assistant Professor in the department of psychology at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD. Her research interests are in exploring sociocultural models of disordered eating using ecological momentary assessment (EMA). She believes it is imperative to apply wisdom of variables, such as body-ideal internalization, media exposure, and pressures for thinness to our rapidly changing social environment. Her current projects also aim to examine facets of interpersonal interactions within social contexts that contribute to disordered eating, such as the impact of denial of disordered eating behaviors (i.e., the tendency to lie about or conceal disordered eating behavior). She teaches undergraduate courses on Abnormal Psychology, Human LifeSpan Development, and Behavior Modification and Assessment.

Rachel MacIntyre, Ph.D.

Rachel MacIntyre is a graduate of the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program and is currently an Assistant Professor at Millersville University. At Millersville, she teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including Cognitive Therapy. In research, she studies dynamic social influences on adaptive and maladaptive aspects of body image and related health behaviors (e.g., eating, exercise).

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate research assistants are an integral part of our lab and gain research skills that make them competitive for graduate training and future employment.

  • Monica Scott (lab member: 2019)
  • Kenacia Goings (lab member: 2018-2019) – Graduated May 2020, current graduate student in Forensic & Legal Psychology M.A. program at Marymount University
  • Tiffanie Vargas (lab member: 2019) – Graduated August 2019
  • Tasneem Abdur-Rahman (lab member: 2018-2019) 
  • Courtney Nishnick (lab member: 2016-2017) – Graduated May 2017; graduated with M.S.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Old Dominion University.
  • Rebecca Bradley (lab member: 2016-2017)
  • Brianna Haislip (lab member: 2015-2017) – Graduate May 2017; current graduate student in Social Work M.S.W. program at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Hannah Hamrick (lab member: 2015-2016) – Graduated May 2020; current graduate student in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Arkansas

Undergraduate Students who Assisted with The Body Project

  • Ashlyn Brown
  • Alexandra Johnston
  • Teri Mayes
  • Kenacia Goings
  • Maiah Daniel
  • Rachel Park
  • Lee Garrett
  • Michella Jones
  • Carol Kato
  • Chelsea Shaw
  • Kyrstan Sprucebank
  • Tasneem Abdur-Rahman