Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students working as research assistants (RAs) in the HaBiT Lab have the opportunity to become involved in various activities. All students will gain exposure to clinical health and methodological research literatures through conducting literature searches and reading and discussing research articles. Students will also have opportunities to work with other undergraduate and graduate students and faculty to develop and carry out research studies. This may involve assisting other lab members with collecting and deploying research materials, preparing research reports for university approval boards and publications, recruiting participants for studies, and entering and managing data. Our goal is to ensure that all RAs are involved in various aspects and phases of research studies, although the specific activities will vary in a given semester depending on project needs at the time. 

Prerequisites: A minimum of a 2-semester commitment is required, and a minimum of 6-8 hours per week is preferred. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is preferred. Freshman, sophomore, and junior students are highly encouraged to apply! 

Incentives: Available for PSYC course credit (Supervised Research). 

For More Information: If you are interested in becoming involved in the HaBiT Laboratory, email Dr. Heron at kheron@odu.edu. You will be required to complete the Research Assistant Application and return it following the instructions provided at the end of the application.