Summary One- Strengths, Weaknesses, and Readiness

After completing several assignments for UNIV 150, I have found that I have been given several tools and exercises to help advance my writing skills. These experiences have helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, allowed me to learn new ways to tackle college, but most of all, enabled me to acquire knowledge in ways to improve my written language.

The first few journal entries and public discussion boards weren’t particularly challenging; I felt like I wouldn’t have a problem in this class. That was until the grade came back for Essay One. I scored a 2.81 out of 5; unexpected, disappointed and disheartened.

At first, I could not overcome the obstacle of the essay grade itself. Once it had sunken in, I began to read the feedback. Having been given the suggestions to develop a well-focused thesis statement and work on the mechanical concerns allowed me to realize that my essays and style of writing needed improvement.

A strength that was highlighted in Essay One, was my ability to give plenty of examples and details. This strength remained consistent in the feedback for Essay Two. However, instead of looking at the grade, I directed my attention to the review section first. I wanted to see where I had improved, not how badly I’d done on the essay; much to my surprise, I’d exceeded the last grade significantly.

My mechanics still need work, but improvements are evident in how I’ve begun to construct my introductions and conclusions. Receiving great feedback on my essay submissions is helping me focus on the more crucial parts that need improvement, rather than continue to think that all I have problems with are where to place commas and semi-colons.

UNIV 150 has assigned a couple of reading assignments on how to approach college and different ways to study. Being a veteran student, I was confident and thought I knew how to conquer different types of classes. The instructions and insights given have helped me accomplish my work in other classes with enjoyment instead of stress. Taking these lessons, in combination with trying to improve my writing, has allowed me to open my mind up to the possibility that I might be able to write with confidence.

Upon signing up for this course, I knew why I was there and what learning outcomes I wanted to walk away with. I have struggled for years in improving my writing skills, especially with regards to any type of English course. However, this time round, I feel more confident, ready, equipped and more enthusiastic having identified and understood my strengths, I can now work on improving my weaknesses.


Editing Skills Checklist for Mapping