1. Why are you interested in cybersecurity technology?
  2. Select four other majors offered by ODU and explain how those majors relate to cybersecurity. 
  1. I am interested in cybersecurity technology because of its wonders and its reverse reality. Another reason why on my interest in this field dues to, the decline in American cyber welfare ranking. That motivates me to get into this field of interest as the country is failing to keep up with the rest of the fast-pacing world. I wanted to major in cybersecurity because i want to help protect those vulnerable to threats behind the screen and to help myself better understand computers and its depth.
  2. Four majors that are offered at ODU that is related to CYSE are engineering*, information technology, computer science, and criminology. Engineering is one of the major that relates to CYSE because engineering involves infrastructure constructing, however infrastructure needs protection and firewalls, and this is where CYSE comes into play. Information technology relates to CYSE due to the fact that a organization’s information is crucial to themselves so it would need the protection given by CYSE; therefore, CYSE helps protect data and assets collected by the organization and help hte organization run smoothly. Computer science relates to CYSE because coding is a big world where anyone can write simple and basic codes that can either help or destroy a computer, thus needing the likes of CYSE to construct firewalls in order to keep hackers out. Criminology relates to CYSE because criminology is the study of criminal activities, so if one can understand criminals and their crimes, they can also understand crimes happening behind screens and better help predict possible future threats within the hacking community.