• Journal Entry #8 – 201S

    how you think the media influences our understanding of cybersecurity The media has a big influence on how we think about cybersecurity. The language used to describe cybersecurity incidents, as well as the level of detail provided, can all influence… Continue Reading →

  • Journal #4- 201S

    Review the articles linked with each individual motive. Rank themotives from 1 to 7 as the motives that you think make the most sense (being 1) to the least sense (being 7). Explain why you rank each motive the way… Continue Reading →

  • Journal #3-201S

    Review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and explain how each level relates to your experiences with technology. Give specific examples of how your digital experiences relate to each level of need. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has five levels, beginning with… Continue Reading →

  • Journal #2- 201S

    explain how the principles of science relate to cybersecurity It can be said that cybersecurity is an applied science that designs the necessary skills required to secure, protect, and identify vulnerabilities in a network including knowledge of various operating systems… Continue Reading →

  • Journal #1-201S

    Review the NICE Workforce Framework. Are there certain areas that you would want to focus your career on? Explain which areas would appeal the most to you and which would appeal the least. Going through the NICE Workforce Framework, I… Continue Reading →

  • Journal Entry #7

    1. How does cyber technology impact interactions between offenders and victims? 2. How should we approach the development of cyber-policy and -infrastructure given the “short arm” of predictive knowledge? With the modern advancements in cyber technology in today’s world have… Continue Reading →