Complete the Social Media Disorder scale. How did you score? What do you think about the items in the scale? Why do you think that different patterns are found across the world?

I scored a 0.0. I think the patterns and items used in the scaling survey pique our minds on how we go on social media. It asks us normal questions leading to us opening up any social media app. And why do we go on these social media apps. The Social Media Disorder scale is a tool for determining the extent to which individuals may be experiencing negative consequences as a result of their social media use. The scale includes nine items that assess various aspects of social media use, such as compulsive checking, preoccupation, withdrawal, and negative consequences. Individuals are asked to rate each item on a 5-point scale, with 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree. (strongly agree). The total score is determined by adding the scores for each item. Due to cultural and societal factors, different patterns of social media use and disorder may be found around the world. In some cultures, for example, there may be a greater emphasis on collective identity and group harmony, which may lead to less individualistic social media use. Differences in access to technology and internet infrastructure may also play a role in shaping social media use and disorder patterns. Finally, there may be cultural differences in how social media is perceived and understood, which may influence patterns of use and disorder.