Watch this video and pay attention to the way that movies distort hackers. Hacker Rates 12 Hacking Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It? – YouTube
• After watching the video, write a journal entry about how you think the media influences our understanding of cybersecurity

Following the viewing of the video “Hacker Rates 12 Hacking Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?” I’m struck by how much movies and television shows distort our perceptions of cybersecurity and hacking. One thing that struck me was how frequently Hollywood depicts hacking as a flashy, fast-paced process, with hackers frantically typing on keyboards while screens fill with code. In reality, hacking is often a slow and methodical process that necessitates extensive planning and analysis to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. Another way the media distorts our understanding of cybersecurity is by portraying hackers as almost superhuman, capable of easily breaching even the most secure systems. This portrayal can give the impression that hackers are an unstoppable force, which can be intimidating for people who are unfamiliar with cybersecurity and may feel powerless to protect themselves. At the same time, movies and television shows can foster complacency about cybersecurity by depicting it as something that only happens to other people or businesses. As a result, people may overestimate the risks and fail to take basic precautions to protect their personal information and devices. Overall, I believe that the media has a significant impact on our understanding of cybersecurity, and it is critical to be critical of the depictions we see in movies and television shows. We can develop a more realistic understanding of the risks and take steps to protect ourselves and our information by recognizing the ways in which these portrayals are frequently inaccurate or misleading.