1. How do engineers make cyber networks safer?

2. What is the overlap between criminal justice and cybercrime? How does this overlap relate to the other disciplines discussed in this class?

Engineers are the key components to a safer and better network. They help advance the security of a network. Cyber safety networks can constantly be advanced so as for max protection for the user. Cyber networks regularly hold in contact with different customers to discover how they have been attacked as a way to make updates and be much less at threat to cyber attacks. Engineers create cyber networks and are continuously trying to enhance them. Creating new cyber networks is extraordinarily critical as it makes it more difficult for hackers to benefit get admission to right into a device in the event that they aren`t acquainted with it. Engineers will also usually replace the cyber community to be able to patch any vulnerable spots they find.

The distinction among criminal justice and cybercrime has come to be increasingly more blurred as time has long past with the aid of using and generation has come to be extra advanced. Technology has taken conventional crime and allowed it to adapt in to a limitless, without borderlines entity. The criminal justice area has needed to reevaluate how they categorize and understand crime if you want to envelope the cyber thing of it. Until recently, there had been no legal guidelines governing what’s or isn’t always a cybercrime or what the repercussions of committing a cybercrime have to be. It became now no longer till 1978 while Florida have become the primary country to write down and put into effect a pc crime regulation withinside the United States. Since era has hands in pretty much each pie in our lives (banking, education, social, etc.), it best makes experience the want for crook justice to increase a extra superior cybercrime curriculum for college students and increase techniques for coping with one of these vast spectrum this kind of crime occupies. One such crime is identification robbery wherein someone intentionally steals a person else identification and possibly their economic facts and use it for non-public gain. The internet affords a positive stage of dissociation and anonymity to such a criminal offense and may be devoted from the consolation of one’s personal home. This gives a brand new slew of troubles for investigators if malicious entities are professional and go away little to no evidence. Cybercrimes which includes this additionally start to encroach in to economic and criminal territory, now no longer simply crime, so coverage wishes to be advanced in the ones groups as properly to deal with cyber crimes while customers or maybe the establishments are victimized. Cybercrime isn’t always victimless and is taken into consideration the most important threats to economic establishments, the government, investors, corporations, and (recently) academic establishments.