Review the NICE Workforce Framework. Are there certain areas that you would want to focus your career on? Explain which areas would appeal the most to you and which would appeal the least.

Going through the NICE Workforce Framework, I would want to be more interactive with my career. So, therefore, the investigating, protecting, and defending areas are where I want to focus on my career. These two fields appealed the most to me because it is more hands-on, going against threats and cyber warfare. Additionally, I would want to be a part of teams that are similar to front-line units, so I get to tackle incidents first-hand and respond to these situations first. Nevertheless, I want to be apart of providing whoever or whomever i work for a safe and clean workplace behind the screens and online. Overall, I express a desire to contribute to the overall security of an organization by protecting and defending against cyber threats. Analyze would appeal to me the least, because even though i would have to start with analytics, I do not want to sit around all day behind the screen, collecting and analyzing data and reporting it to upper departments. Therefore, I am not as interested in roles that involve solely data analysis and reporting.