Career Interest with NICE Workforce Framework

There are many areas that I want to focus my career on; however, I think that I can’t get through all of them. However, what I like the most is the technical, hands-on stuff, and it allows me to think critically. From the NICE Workforce Framework, I choose two careers: System Administration and Software Development. The least that would appeal to me are non-technical write-ups and documentation, like Risk Management.

System Administration

The NICE Workforce Framework states that system administration “Installs, configures, troubleshoots, and maintains server configurations (hardware and software) to ensure their confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Manages accounts, firewalls, and patches. Responsible for access control, passwords, and account creation and administration.” What I love about system administration is being technical with servers. Servers are what make the business function properly. Without servers, there would be a bunch of box cabinets filled with files and miscellaneous stuff. Configuring or maintaining might not sound fun, but knowing how to do something when somebody else can’t properly is interesting. I’m not trying to feel superior to others, but it’s a feeling of fulfillment. A job that plays a massive part in the company. Along with other employees, the business runs smoothly.

Software Development

I’m a self-taught programmer. I learned things online with websites and books. However, I didn’t understand with books and proper explanations; instead, I learned as I went. I imagine an app I want to build and realize what I need. I love programming; I can think critically before finding and knowing the solution. Most of the time, people can copy a piece of code without knowing how it works, but not me; I try to figure out how it works even if I have to open 30 tabs before I get to the bottom of the answers.

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