*Panicking programmer noise* (Note: I made the meme from a website, but they put their watermark)

Human system integration is based on human action. So programmers and developers have a hard time figuring out what the user needs and utilizing the needs to create an ease-of-use application. For example, I had a simple conversation between a client and a programmer in the meme. The end user (client) tends to do things they are not supposed to. For example, some people would go against the flow in a one-way street. The sign is there to prevent people from going against the flow, but it doesn’t stop them. Knowing bugs or problems that exist in software helps developers and programmers to secure their websites better. However, it doesn’t have to be a website. A YouTuber named “Josh” from Let’s Game It Out pushes games to their utmost limit. The Farming Simulator 2022 came out, and the Youtuber was able to gain money by simply making farms, transferring the initial funds to one farm, deleting the new farm, and repeating. The game was supposed to be played by farming, but the loophole allowed programmers and game developers to improve their game better. Therefore, it is essential to consider the thoughts of an end-user because they help make Human System Integration a lot easier than having programmers think for themselves.

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