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The two jobs that I have selected to look into are; Computer Forensics Analyst and Cybercrime Investigator. The skills have noticed that both of these jobs have in common is that one needs to have a strong desire to learn as well as have strong communication skills. These communication skills branch out to both written and verbal forms within the team one is working with. These disciplines also reaching to the other 50 jobs within the list. Another discipline that I see that one must have to be successful in the careers mentioned is to perform in a methodical and analytical manner within their work along with having technical knowledge. Technical knowledge includes but is not limited to; advanced knowledge of digital storage, operating systems, programming, and malware.

The most substantial surprise to me as I looked through the 50 careers listed was how a lot of the requirements seemed to overlap in one way or another. A lot of specific knowledge is pinpointed on the particular career, but a lot of the base disciplines are on a similar path with one another. Meaning that once the skills are built within you and a base knowledge is achieved of technical knowledge a lot of these jobs are open to you. While not saying each and every one of these jobs are exactly the same the base of a lot of the jobs have similarities. With more pinpointed training and requirements on the side tailored to the specific career.


Computer Forensics Analyst

Cybercrime Investigator

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