IDS 493

In order to reflect the work you have done in IDS 493 using your Cybersecurity ePortfolio, you will need to incorporate the following content.


Under your “Home” tab, you will find a page titled “Skills.” On this page, you will need to identify and discuss 3 skills you have developed in your course of study. For each skill, you must embed or link to at least 3 artifacts which demonstrate your work.


Locate the “Resume” page on your website. You must include a formatted & professional resume, either written directly on the page or embedded as a PDF form.


On this page (IDS 493), include a reflection in PDF or web page form that analyzes your skills and artifacts to assess your learning and discuss how your academic experiences contributed to your career readiness. The essay requirements are as follows:

  • Have an introduction: Introduce the skills learned in your degree program and the interdisciplinary courses & disciplines from which they came.
  • Include separate body paragraphs: Discuss each skill and artifact in an organized way using clear headings. What did you learn? How did you solve the problems or figure out the process as you completed the assignment? How did other courses or theories previously learned help you complete the assignment? Show how each skill is necessary for your career goals by connecting it back to what you’ve seen in job ads.
  • Include a conclusion: Consider the skills, courses, and program as a whole. How were interdisciplinary methods and theories important to your understanding of your coursework? How did you learn to engage and act in your various courses in order to complete your assignments? How did courses like IDS 300W prepare you for your program coursework? Why is it important to be an interdisciplinary thinker in your field of study?
  • Integrate at least 8 additional research sources pertaining to your major, your intended career, or to interdisciplinarity (revisit your IDS 300W class for relevant works you might use in addition to any class from which assignments were produced for your portfolio).