Research Education for Graduate and Undergraduate Students
The ODU Biofuels Lab is an active research and education facility, with Master’s and Ph.D. level graduate student research ongoing in multiple areas of biofuels processing and refinement. In addition to this activity, the Lab seeks out highly motivated Master’s and Undergraduate students in science and engineering to work on discrete shorter-length projects.  Experience gained on these projects teaches them key research skills, both motivating and preparing them to work in this area. 

The ODU Biomass Research Lab personnel currently includes 2 Ph.D. students and 2 Master’s students.  More information can be found here.

Energy Engineering Research Cluster
The Biofuels Lab is a part of the Energy Cluster at ODU, a research group that brings together energy engineering expertise and research across several engineering disciplines.  The Cluster encourages the flow of information and research ideas between departments and faculty members as well as supporting educational initiatives aimed at expanding opportunities for students interested in the field of energy engineering. The Energy Cluster supports a Graduate-level Certificate Program and an Undergraduate-level Minor in Energy Engineering. More information can be found here.

  • Advanced Engineering Certificate in Energy System

Offered through the Energy Cluster, this program is an interdisciplinary twelve-credit graduate-level program that introduces engineers to a range of concepts and technologies in Energy Systems. The program is aimed at providing an understanding of energy engineering and the increasing role of energy engineers in addressing growing energy needs. The new skills and advanced understanding developed in class will prepare students for employment in the rapidly growing energy sector.  More information can be found here.

  • Minor in Energy Engineering

This interdisciplinary Minor is for students who would like to learn about energy engineering fundamentals, socio-environmental impacts of energy systems, and novel energy engineering technologies. The Minor will enhance their abilities to integrate knowledge from different disciplines with concepts used in energy engineering and offer the students the opportunity to be recognized for study in this growing interdisciplinary field. More information can be found here.