CYSE 368

Cybersecurity Internship

This course allows students to volunteer to work in an agency related to cybersecurity. Students must volunteer for 50 hours per course credit and complete course assignments.

Course Material

On this page, you will want to include the following internship materials, explaining what you did and why so an outside audience would understand.

  • Internship Journal
  • Internship Evaluation
  • Research/Summary Paper

Then provide on this page a reflection, responding to the questions below regarding your internship experience.

Applying Course Knowledge

  • What have you learned in coursework which relates to the world of work?
  • How are the concepts you have read about in course texts applied in practice?
  • What theories, ideas, or concepts might be applied in your career area?

Skill Development

  • What new skills did you learn during the internship?
    • Some skills you may have the chance to develop include: operating office or computer equipment; handling a variety of situations simultaneously; organizing or analyzing data, records, or budgets; or improving teamwork, writing, and speaking abilities.
    • Share examples of work you produced that demonstrates these on this page.

Personal Development

  • How did you benefit personally from the internship experience?
    • During your internship, make a special effort to observe the personal style of supervisors and colleagues. Identify clear examples of leadership styles that either promote good working relationships or hinder a productive work environment. Note how to deal with pressure, tension, and praise in work relationships. It is important to understand how to communicate knowledge to strangers, supervisors, and peers. Try to obtain knowledge of job opportunities available in this field. Become familiar with occupational literature and professional organizations.

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