CYSE 494

Entrepreneurship in Cybersecurity

This course is designed to help students enhance their personal and professional development through innovation guided by faculty members and professionals. It offers students an opportunity to integrate disciplinary theory and knowledge through developing a nonprofit program, product, business, or other initiative. The real-world experiences that entrepreneurships provide will help students understand how academic knowledge leads to transformations, innovations, and solutions to different types of problems.

After completing an entrepreneurship, a student/entrepreneur will be able to:

  • Identify how to use knowledge they have accumulated from their general education and major coursework to create non-profit programs, products, businesses, or other innovations.
  • Apply disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to the process of innovation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate professional and interdisciplinary knowledge to produce new programs, products, businesses, or other innovations.
  • Describe how products/businesses/programs related to their career interests are created and influenced by different disciplines.
  • Assess the effectiveness of innovations
  • Communicate effective solutions to societal problems to stakeholders.

Course Material

Please provide a brief overview of your work within this course, explaining how you engaged with the above learning outcomes. You will want to include examples of your assignments that demonstrate your practice with these concepts, explaining what you did and how it helped you learn. You may include embedded versions of your material, pictures, audio explaining your work, a video, so on (Tutorials: Adding and Embedding Media, Plugin: Simple YouTube EmbedMore). Remember that you are trying to convince an unfamiliar audience that you 1) have working knowledge of these concepts 2) can demonstrate your skill in relation to these concepts 3) they want to spend time learning more about your knowledge and skills. Finally, you will want to indicate how you can use this knowledge in the future, specifically within your chosen discipline.

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