Artifact 1


You should include the following materials on each artifact’s page. One recommended order of presentation is the following:

Video Walkthrough (if applicable)
List of SLOs

  • Provide a brief, objective description of the artifact for someone that may be unfamiliar with the assignment and will be seeing it for the first time. This should be no more than 100 words.
  • For two of your artifacts, include a video walkthrough of the artifact. This video should showcase the artifact, its application, and what you learned in the process of creating the artifact.
  • For each artifact, either embed the artifact or provide links to the artifact’s separate pieces. Hyperlinks should be easy to see and find. Consider using a potential employer as your reader when including the artifact in your portfolio.
  • As you include the different parts of the artifact, the contents should be visually appealing as viewed in a web browser and easy to navigate and access.
  • You should provide the artifact in its entirety. This may include multiple items.
  • For each artifact, include the element number and the text of the element. Example: “1.2 – Effective and knowledgeable teacher”. You do not need to include further information on the artifact page about the individual elements.
  • Replace “Artifact #” with the title of the artifact on this page, in the menu bar, and elsewhere.

Repeat this process for all selected artifacts.

Once the above instructions have been followed, delete them. Leave only the artifact, its descriptions, reflection, and any other requirements.